Technology that makes your life easy

Technology must help not hinder. When you join Intrinsic you get immediate access to a technology solution that makes it easy to do business and gives you exceptional service and flexibility so you can run your business in the best way for you and your customers.

XPLAN - Is our bespoke point-of-sale and back-office technology platform that we developed specifically for Intrinsic advisers. Using XPLAN will help you get to know your customers better, do more business, stay compliant and improve your efficiency.

It’s fully integrated with our sales process and provides you with everything you need such as our online factfind, independent risk profiling tool and suitability report writer.

Officeweb – integrating with other Intrinsic systems, Officeweb gives you reports to help you understand the financial position of your business, how much business you’ve submitted and the current status.
Client-facing apps – these applications encourage interaction between you and your client during your discussions around attitude to risk, protection and more. Worksmart – this supports your professional development by capturing and storing your sales and compliance data. 360 Core – an integrated practice management system that helps you monitor your marketing activity, identify sales opportunity, and give first-class service to your clients.